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Forging their combined artistic strength and similar
sensibilities, interior designer Rita Petta and artist
Rebecca Thompson established their fine arts
company, Petta Thompson, in 2007. Their purpose
is to share their unending fascination with exquisite
materials and extraordinary creations with the rest
of the world.
Through the brilliant craftsmanship of a select team
of skilled artists and artisans, Petta Thompson offers
both collection and customized products under
three distinct categories: Exquisite Art,
Decorative Accessories and Hand-Made
Wallcoverings. Combining historical relevance
with cutting edge sophistication, their pieces
are each hand-crafted through the infusion
of old world processes and modernized
applications. With the use of quality materials
like gold leaf, these pieces become not just
objects with purpose, but one of a kind objects
of art – crafted to entirely transform interior
domestic and commercial architectural spaces.